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316-318 Victoria Road, Marrickville
9560 8673

Crows Nest

16 Falcon St Crows Nest
9438 5118

Bay Tinh Bay Tinh Bay Tinh Bay Tinh Bay Tinh Bay Tinh Bay Tinh

The taste of Saigon in Marrickville and Crows Nest


Bay Tinh Restaurant in Marrickville is known for its homemade sauces and authentic flavors. Initially opening in 1985, Bay Tinh gained popularity with a loyal following among Vietnamese people who longed for the authentic cuisine of their homeland. It has since earned a reputation for excellent quality Vietnamese food at very reasonable prices. And with a beautiful refurbishment in 2007 Bay Tinh not only tastes great, but looks great too!

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This is an ordinary Vietnamese restaurant in an ordinary suburb of Sydney but the original chef had a very distinguished career. Before arriving as a refugee from South Viet Nam, Mr. Tinh Tran had been selected to serve as the Chef for Mr. Khiem Thien Tran, the Ambassador to Taiwan. He continued to serve Mr. Khiem Tran when he became Ambassador to the United State of America and when he became the Prime Minister of the Republic of South Viet Nam for more than ten years.

The talented Mr. Tinh Tran was appreciated for always offering the best from Vietnamese and French cuisines to entertain the Ministerial Cabinet, visiting Diplomats and special national guests.

Arriving as a penniless boat person, he initially cooked for restaurants owned by others, until he saved enough to open this restaurant on November 23, 1988. Originally, he only expected to gain enough income to support his own family and create jobs for a number of older refugee children that he had adopted. The obvious quality of his food rapidly spread his fame and there were long queues at the door. A few years later, he was able to expand into the space you see today.

He is now well passed retirement age and in 2007 he sold the restaurant to another boat person, Harry Hoang, who also cooked at one of the previous restaurants. Harry has taken over the recipes and the kitchen team, and renovated the restaurant to extend the tradition for another generation.

In November 2011, Harry opened a second Bay Tinh restaurant in Crow Nest. New to the Crows Nest restaurant is the wine bar.

Harry's philosophy is to provide a quality, affordable meal in an informal family and friendly atmosphere. You should be able to take a break from cooking without breaking the family budget. You will note that there is no surcharge for Sundays and public holidays.

As the restaurants are licensed, the beverage service fee for BYO wine per head is to pay for the provision of glasses, washing and commercial disposal of the bottles and any wrapping. With low food prices, we also rely on the small margin on soft drink, beer and wine to make the restaurant profitable.

Opening Hours

Bay Tinh Marrickville is open for dinner every night from 5:30pm and is fully licensed (BYO wine only).

Bay Tinh Crows Nest is open for lunch every Friday from 12pm and is fully licensed (BYO wine only).

Bay Tinh Crows Nest is open for dinner Monday to Sunday from 5:30pm and is fully licensed (BYO wine only).

Something to celebrate?

Have your party at Bay Tinh. Or we can provide no-fuss catering at your home, your office or the venue of your choice. Read more....

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deliciously moreish...It is really good comfort food

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The fragrance of caramelised salmon reminds Harry Hoang of his childhood. His mother Tam Ho, 89, looks approvingly as her son cooks it in front of her....

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Harry Hoang's chips are deliciously moreish, you just can't stop eating them. But these aren't any normal deep fried spud sticks.

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Mosman Daily 7 June 2012

Even the world's best chef could not reproduce the delicate, fragrant and fresh flavours of Vietnamese fare dished up at Bay Tinh at Crows Nest.

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Homesguide Magazine June 2012

New dishes incorporate the marriage between Vietnamese and French Cuisine..the resulting menu is polished and diverse, but still represents the fresh, simple flavours of Vietnamese food.

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Senior Lifestyle review June 2012

highlights include Bay Tinh's Ballotine of Chicken with Mimosa Rice - deboned and slow cooked chicken stuffed with minced portk and fragrant spices

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Article in cantonese

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I would like to introduce you to something awesome, beautiful and rather special

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Dining with a stud 27 April 2012

The one that caught Stud's eye was the Tender Beef Cubes – Bo Luc Lac ($12.90) Selected yearling grain fed-beef, marinated with the Chef's special recipe and flash seared in high flame to seal in the flavour and juices; served with classic pepper, salt and lemon juice, but funnily enough, it was me who was impressed by it. Beautifully cooked meat, so tender and juicy that I didn't even think it needed the sauce

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